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Selectiecriteria First Officer

Minimum requirements First Officer

The minimum requirements you must meet to be considered as a candidate for the position of First Officer at Transavia are:
• A senior general secondary education or pre-university education certificate, a bachelor’s degree at an institution for higher professional education or university education, or the professional and educational level that is required of students in higher professional education.
• Swimming proficiency
• EU passport
• Allowed to work and live in another EU member state
• No criminal record

• Valid EASA CPL or higher (or converted at start date)
• Valid EASA ATPL frozen theory
• Valid ME/IR (A)
• Valid unrestricted Class 1 Medical Certificate (converted to NL. German medical is not valid)
• ICAO Level 6 English language proficiency
• COC Multi Crew Course (MCC) certificate of completion

Flight training
You must have completed one of the following integrated flight training courses unless you meet the minimum flight experience. Also there is no more than two years prior to the date of selection and completing the training.
• KLM Flight Academy
• Martinair Flight Academy

Minimum required flight experience if one has not completed any of the above flying training;
• 500 hours 737 NG in the past 12 months or
• 500 hours on aircraft with MTOW > 5700 kilograms.
• Decisiveness
• Problem Analysis
• Stress resistance
• Planning & Organizing
• Discipline
• Integrity & Adaptability

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