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Frequently Asked Questions

We always try to communicate as clearly and transparently as possible. Nevertheless, should anything be unclear, please contact us.

Selection process

  • I do not meet the selection criteria at present, may I still apply?
    • Your application will not be considered if you do not meet the selection criteria.
  • How long does it take before I receive a response to my application?
    • Once you have submitted your application on this website, you will hear from us within 1 week.
  • What does the selection procedure entail?
    • The selection procedure consists of several parts. These are outlined below.
      1. We assess your CV and motivation letter and check your documents. We can then see if you meet the selection criteria.
      2. If you are invited for an interview, you will undergo a two day selection process consisting of:
      • various ability and personality tests;
      • a grading in a simulator in which your technical and CRM skills are assessed;
      • a group assignment;
      • two competence assessment meetings with various people including the Transavia Recruitment Committee.
  • I do not have any experience with the Boeing 737, is this a problem for the grading?
    • The grading instructors assess your flying skills and CRM independent of your type experience. You will be given a thorough briefing prior to the grading.
  • Will Transavia cover my travel and board during the selection process?
    • If you do not live in the Netherlands we will cover three overnight stays in a hotel. We will also cover part of the travel costs up to € 250 (you will be asked to provide receipts and proof of expenditure). Lunch will be provided on both selection days.
  • Can I start immediately if the outcome is positive?
    • We will contact you to jointly discuss the possible start date of the training. As far as possible, we will take any period of notice that you have and the expected DNO into account.
  • How long is the selection decision valid for?
    • The selection decision is valid for two years. This applies to both a positive and a negative decision.
  • I have accumulated 250 hours and so do not yet meet the 500 hour requirement. How much time do I have to obtain the 500 hours?
    • The experience requirement is that you have flown at least 250 hours over the last 12 months. After the selection, you must obtain the required 500 hours within 12 months.

Terms and Conditions

  • Will I be assigned to a base? May I choose Rotterdam or Eindhoven?
    • Your base will be Amsterdam. You can apply for vacancies in Rotterdam or Eindhoven. Assignment is done according to seniority.
  • Can I live more than one hour’s travel from Schiphol?
    • During stand-by shifts, you must be able to be at Schiphol within one hour. Apart from this, we do not place any requirements on your place or country of residence. Transavia and KLM have a jump seat scheme for pilots that live abroad.
  • Are there any costs for type rating?
    • The TR training costs are covered by Transavia. The costs, depending on the type of training, are noted in a training agreement. If you leave service within 4 years, you pay a proportion of the training costs to Transavia.
  • What about other costs such as medical, licence and uniform?
    • We will take care of your annual medical examination, licence extension and we will issue a uniform that you may have dry cleaned at our expense.
  • Can I use the staff travel or ISA scheme?
    • After working for 3 months, you can use Transavia’s ISA tickets. After working for 12 months, you can use the My ID travel facility. We have ISA schemes with most major airlines, including KLM, Lufthansa, BA, Emirates etc.
  • Am I insured for incapacity to work?
    • For the first 2 years of incapacity to work, your salary is paid by Transavia. As a pilot on a permanent contract at Transavia, you are automatically included in the pension scheme. Part of this scheme is the professional incapacity to work pension. There is also a provision for the loss of the licence in the case of incapacity to work.
  • When will I be promoted to Captain?
    • When you enter service you will be placed on the seniority list. Promotion is done according to seniority, vacancies and successful completion of the Command course. For the First Officers entering service now, we anticipate that this will take 8 years.

Schedules and employment

  • What will my schedule be like?
    • Our classification period is 35 days of which 20 days will be working days and 15 will be free days (for full-time contracts). You are always free for at least 3 consecutive days and work for 6 consecutive days at the most. You can submit requests in the classification system (Jeppesen). 
  • Will I be away from home often?
    • You almost always go home at the end of your working day. Transavia has just a few destinations where overnight hotel stays by crew are necessary. You will only be scheduled for these a couple of times a year and usually because you yourself requested them.
  • How many holiday days do I get?
    • Upon entering service, you are entitled to 19 paid holiday days and 6 scheduled days off. Apart from that, you have 4 days off that you can request after the publishing of your schedule (up to 1 per quarter). Given that you need to use 4 days to get 1 week of holiday, this gives you 7 weeks of holiday a year.
  • Can I take holidays in the summer?
    • Every pilot is entitled to a 3 consecutive week holiday in the summer period between May and September. Transavia has a production peak in the school holidays which means that you will not be granted the period of your choice every year. Granting of the requested holiday is done according to seniority and assigned ‘priority points’ (priority points are assigned when previous holiday requests are rejected).

Do you meet our criteria?

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I have now worked for Transavia for 17 years and enjoy it immensely. The biggest advantage for me is that I sleep in my own bed almost every night - perfect if you have a family. The large route network brings you to very many places. We fly to big airports with all imaginable facilities and to small airports where the navigation aids are limited and the platform is full with only three aircraft.

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Raymond Esveldt Captain

Working at Transavia to me means working with motivated colleagues who all have a green heart. The corps is very divers and trained by extremely experienced instructors. Other positive aspects of Transavia are the career opportunities both in and outside the cockpit. You can contribute to the company in more ways than ‘just’ flying.

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Gregory Sneeuw First Officer

Transavia is a friendly and forward looking company. Flying here is very varied - no two days are the same. You work with pleasant, motivated colleagues and we turn every day into a great trip. I can also combine my work with my family and private life.

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Linda Berg First Officer

If your hobby is flying, you’re in the right place at Transavia. Lots of take-offs and landings at a variety of airports, from Greek islands and popular city trip destinations to Norwegian fjords and snow-covered runways in Lapland. And the best views in the world, which you share with professional and motivated colleagues.

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Hans Hienkens Captain

Our opportunities

Currently we are looking for type rated B737 First Officers as well as non-type rated First Officers. Do you meet the criteria?

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